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Hydro-Gard Projects

Hydro-Prufe® is a PVC unreinforced Thermoplastic Sheet membrane designed to waterproof free standing foundation walls, shored walls, tunnel lining whether cut and cover, umbrella or closed systems, tank lining, plaza decks, under foundation mats and vegetated roofing systems. Hydro-Prufe® is attached to walls utilizing fastening discs placed behind the PVC membrane and induction welding to those discs”


Hydro-Tuff® HFA is a hot applied rubberized asphalt waterproofing membrane used in roofing and waterproofing applications. Hydro-Tuff® HFA is specifically formulated as a fluid material which is applied to form a monolithic seamless membrane. It can be applied over concrete, plywood and other acceptable substrates. Applications include, plaza decks, planters, roof decks, vegetated roof applications, parking decks, split slab applications and foundation walls.

Green Roofs Membrane Options
Plaza Decks
Water Tanks
Free Standing Walls
Under Foundation Matt Slab
Podium/Below Grade – Transitions