Hydro-Gard manufactures high performance roofing & waterproofing products for the commercial, residential, & industrial construction industry

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about hydro-gard

HYDRO-GARD® manufactures high performance roofing and waterproofing products for the commercial, residential, and industrial construction industry. We provide a single-source solution for the most demanding of projects; whether the applications are above or below grade, vertical or horizontal in nature. Our products are utilized in plaza decks, green roofs, tunnels, foundations, tank liners, or other building situations requiring the ultimate solution for moisture protection.

HYDRO-GARD® offers diverse product technologies developed from the knowledge and experience gained from decades of system installations. In the expansion and development of our product line and systems, Hydro-Gard® will always be on the cutting edge of the latest technological advancement in the construction industry. Thus ensuring our customer base that we are providing the industry standard in waterproofing systems.

HYDRO-GARD® systems provide innovation and reliability and are well suited to adapt to the ever changing issues that face the construction industry. We provide products and services to architects, engineers, consultants, contractors, and building owners worldwide. The technologies we utilize can successfully accommodate the variety of climates and seasons your structures are exposed to for generations to come.